Application Control

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png  Keep an eye on your seeding information or fertilizer delivery in real-time. 

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png  Automatically control your variable-rate application and section control with prescriptions and coverage maps.


Field-IQ Crop Input Control System

Trimble's proprietary flow and application control system for:

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png  Spraying 

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Spreading

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Seeding

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Planting

Field-IQ's modular design enables you to tailor the control system to your implement and field operations while also offering room for future expansion.


Different systems have different capabilities, making application control a concern for many farmers. ISOBUS allows your farm equipment to communicate regardless of the brands you use by providing compatibility between a console and multiple types of implements including:

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Spraying 

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Spreading 

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Slurry

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Strip-till/air cart

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Planting


Trimble Universal Variable Rate control is a serial based communications protocol available on a wide variety of implement controllers. 

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Enables automatic rate and section control functions with the hardware you already own.

untitled-design-2022-10-13t125907.152.png Serial rate support for 3rd party protocols is also available.

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